Toros Agri Investment Project - Tekfen Cons. Co. Inc.

We accomplished within the scope of industrial insulation, cladding and steel construction assembly at Toros Tarım Investment Project.

SAP, PAP & NPK units including different type of industrial insulation application are as follows

> Rock Wool Insulation - Pipe & Equipment & Tank Surfaces

> Seramic Fiber Insulation - Equipment Surfaces

> Composite Acoustic Insulation - Duct & Equipment Surfaces

> Acoustic Insulation Application - Cabin Surfaces

> Polyurathane Insulation - Pipe Surfaces

Also, the quantities of Toros Tarım Investment Project works we completed as subcontractor Tekfen A.Ş. are as follows.

29.000 m² hot insulation, 1.000 m² cold insulation;

10.500 m² cladding;

180.000 kg steel construction assembly.