Tekfen Construction - Tanap MS1 Measuring Station

Tekfen İnşaat - Tanap MS1 Ölçüm İstasyonu

Insulation works in TANAP MS1 Measuring Stations which Tekfen Construction and Installation Co. Inc. contractor of, %99 has completed. We are waiting for mechanical works completion. The scope of works are, underground piping ethafoam application, equipment and pipes hot insulation also flange and valves jacketing installation.

Albayrak Varaka Paper Mills Roof Foam Glass Insulation

Albayrak Kağıt Fabrikası Çatı Foam Glass İzolasyonu

We have started to work on insulation of foam glass (cellular glass) of Albayrak-Varaka Paper Mills which will be operating in Balıkesir province. In the project, foam glass will be used to stick with hot bitumen, membrane will be applied to the upper surface and waterproofing will be provided with various detail engineering works and all possible heat bridges will be prevented and the roof surface will be isolated. Heat insulation and water insulation will be combined to prevent heat bridges on the roof surface as well as waterproof insulation. Albayrak Holding owns and owns all the assembly works at the latest speed.

Toros Agri Investment Project - Tekfen Cons. Co. Inc.

Toros Tarım Yatırım Projesi - Tekfen İnşaat Tesisat A.Ş

We accomplished within the scope of industrial insulation, cladding and steel construction assembly at Toros Tarım Investment Project. SAP, PAP & NPK units including different type of industrial insulation application are as follows > Rock Wool Insulation - Pipe & Equipment & Tank Surfaces > Seramic Fiber Insulation - Equipment Surfaces > Composite Acoustic Insulation - Duct & Equipment Surfaces > Acoustic Insulation Application - Cabin Surfaces > Polyurathane Insulation - Pipe Surfaces Also, the quantities of Toros Tarım Investment Project works we completed as subcontractor Tekfen A.Ş. are